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Future Focus 2022 - dentsu / iProspect
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iProspect, a dentsu company, unveils its latest thinking in this year’s Future Focus 2022 report, which brings a new perspective on how media intersects with society and societal trends. Within its 60 plus pages, marketers are invited to explore the new intersections of media through three mega trends; The Next Normal, Empathy+Responsibility and Personal Privacy.

Available now to download, these megatrends are broken out into ten easily digestible insights, observations, practical case examples and key takeaway advice segments for companies and marketers to quickly and effectively leverage to accelerate their brands.

The Future Focus 2022 report covers:

  • The intersection of Next and Normal
    We find ourselves at an intersection of next, and normal. Consumer behaviour has so rapidly changed over the last few years we have seen more change in the way many people live, work, shop, and socialise than any time in the past 70 years. Examined through: The Hybrid Human / Shop Here. Shop Now / Get Virtual / Secure but Scarce / The Remote Revolution
  • The intersection of Empathy and Responsibility
    Winning for brands in the previous decade arguably meant focusing on the data arms-race and having the most information on their customer vs understanding them, in order to accelerate and grow. This has seismically changed over the last two years for multiple but on a more philosophical level, customers have changed in their demands from brands on how they want to be understood. Examined through: Reimaging with Responsibility / Media for a Sustainable Future
  • The intersection of Personal and Private
    Biometric identifiers have worked their way into our everyday life, be it finger scanning at airports or on our phones. Our health data is shared across apps, across devices, and across companies. Unique identifiers exist for us in both the online and offline world in an era where the intersection between the personal world and private world becomes ever more relevant. Examined through: Anonymously Yours / Cookie No More / Your Data. My Data.
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