Rise in relative ad recall*


Time saving*


Less cost per lifted user*


One of Dentsu’s clients wanted to generate better awareness and attention of its YouTube campaigns – and drive contextual relevance with key audiences. However, the team was finding it challenging to reach these channels using regular settings – and the vast amount of YouTube content available made manually targeting them too time-consuming and impractical.


Using Display & Video 360’s API, Dentsu created an internal database of relevant YouTube inventory – and qualified the most relevant channels by keywords, language, channel name, and performance metrics. This allowed their client to focus on the right audiences with far greater precision than previous campaigns. The team then used an experimental approach and Brand Lift study to test their regular audience targeting against the new Quality View approach.


Dentsu’s new approach generated a 188% increase in relative ad recall. Giving media buyers one central tool to quickly create and adjust inclusion lists for each campaign also delivered an average time saving of 88% for each new inclusion list created.

*Results achieved during the campaign period April to May 2022. 

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