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KARWEI distinguishes itself by helping deco- rative handymen to realize small and large living requirements. For example by introducing people in the spring to the styles and trends developed in-house. Isobar iProspect has the task of developing a campaign that shows that KARWEI understands garden trends and encourages the Dutch to buy their favorite garden products from KARWEI. 
A beautiful and at the same time challenging task as in the spring period, DIY stores and garden centers compete intensively. Where one promotes the assortment, the other throws the low price into the fight and tries to tempt a third gardening company with attractive shortcuts. The trick is to really stand out. And that for a target group who is opposed to doing something about his garden and does not think garden trends really important. A real challenge! But we also know that some of the Dutch people have been deprived with their garden and would like to do something about it if only they know how


In a garden that suits you, you feel a lot better! As a garden owner, you also do not want to do so if you do not live up to your garden needs. Your garden deserves more! With this in mind, we had to get gardening in the Netherlands to work. For this we developed the campaign ¬ or better the ¬ #WegMetSaaieTuinen movement with the aim of ridding the Netherlands of boring tufts. Various videos and an activation were used to show how easy it is to transform your garden or balcony. For every garden trend (there were 4) we made a 30-second make over video. There was also an Instasketch activation where we called on the Dutch to share a picture of their boring garden or balcony on Instagram along with a description of their style or wish. They had the chance to win a personal Insta Sketch with inspiring solutions from the KARWEI stylist. Through various advertisement formats, such as Facebook canvas ads, carousel ads and link ads, we then told the full story and sent people to the store and webshop. Display, online video and native advertising were also used for the campaign.


With the Garden campaign, KARWEI has shown that Dutch people have to make work from their Garden and the Netherlands stripped of boring gardens! The campaign, which also came to life in out of home, exceeded all expectations. In addition to the millions of impressions that the online campaign yielded, the improvement in online conversion was particularly noticeable: an increase of 15% compared to the Tuin campaign 2016. In addition, KARWEI saw a strong rise in sales and also managed to improve its image. to improve on the values 'inspiring' and 'decorative'