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 Footfall uplift for those who have seen OOH


Footfall uplift for those who have seen OOH and mobile


Sales uplift in the 70 participating stores 


engagement rate of the expressions (6x higher than benchmark in retail)


The main objective for C&A is to create more store visits at the branches. Due to strong competition, an increase in the online purchase of clothing and the fact that people in the offline world are increasingly shopping more and more, that is not an easy task. Due to the power of the combination of OOH and mobile location data and the variation in message, we have been able to reverse the declining trend in store visits. Secondary objective was to increase fire and product awareness.


With an audience-first approach, it is crucial to understand how fashion shoppers move in the real world. By working with a unique hyper-location technology partner, we were able to build an integrated solution that combines OOH with Mobile programmatic. We have drawn customized geo-fences and polygons around all participating stores. This way we can say whether someone is in the store or outside in the parking lot. We have also drawn geographical fences around all OOH objects. In this way we can reach people in the neighborhood with a different message and at the same time obtain OOH insights. We then profiled consumers on the basis of their historical location behavior. Think of store visits from the past at the C&A or competitors. We have added these relevant target group segments to the campaign for the awareness objective. Finally, Isobar has made mobile optimized rich media creatives with locators and vertical video. Each point of contact was thus transformed into a relevant brand experience of high quality.


We have been aware of location targeting for some time, but in the past we have not performed as accurately as in this case. In addition, reporting the impact on the business is often the biggest challenge. We have shown that the use of OOH & Mobiel has a positive effect on C&A's store visit. 70 of the 123 stores participated in the campaign. The remaining 53 stores were the control group. The results do not lie: 26% uplift for the 70 stores with an OOH campaign versus the 53 stores without OOH. 40% uplift for the combination with mobile. In addition, we also received the indexed sales figures. We see an uplift of 13% in the 70 stores that participated in the campaign versus the remaining 53 stores.


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