Crisp from farm to fork

Crisp is the online marketplace for everyone who wants better everyday food. Crisp is on a mission to make better food available for the many. Crisp focuses on super fresh and seasonal food, directly stocked from 500 suppliers. To achieve its mission, Crisp needs to make better daily groceries accessible for a wide audience that comes back on a regular basis.Strategy: We won’t make premium grocery shopping easier, but we will make daily grocery shopping better.

We do not position Crisp as ‘organic’, ‘local’ or ‘healthy’. Even though almost all Crisp products meet these standards, people will associate this with expensive, luxurious, occasional. We choose to tell a simple story: better taste, super fresh and better quality. In everything we do, we focus on day to day products to convince the consumers of the accessible products. We present the products in an attractive visual style using photography and illustrations.

Crisp is next-generation retail, with an ambitious purpose, a smart business model and innovative technology. But that alone doesn’t make you a successful disruptor. Thanks to rapid prototyping and user testing, we arrived at the ultimate easy user experience. A super intuitive and inspiring shopper experience, made for the mobile era. Every success screen is a happy moment. Live tracking for delivery and integrated personal service through WhatsApp, complete the experience.

Crisp is super fresh and local. Therefore the identity we designed follows the seasons. The flexible logo changes every month to highlight a fresh and seasonal product. We deliberately chose for a colourful set of colours, fresh photography and tasty photography, used in out-of-home, mobile ads, social media content and all owned touch points, including the app itself, making navigation a joy every time.

  • Within the first year we sold 2.2 million products.
  • In the first year clients order 70% of their daily groceries from Crisp.
  • 58% of the customers came in through organic traffic.

Awards won:

Golden Spin award - category Digital Service Idea

Silver Spin award - category Design

Bronze Esprix - category Retail & E-commerce

Bronze Dutch Creativity Award - category Design

Daniel Sytsma