UNO Speelkwartier

UNO is number one game in the world. It is a game that connects people in a universal way. Mattel/UNO Netherlands asked Posterscope Netherlands to create a brand awareness campaign embracing their vision of connecting people with a focus on children and endorses their corporate social responsibility.

Encourage kids to make new friends
After doing lots of research we came across a very underexposed problem which is loneliness amongst children. We learned that 1 of 10 children feels lonely. Social contacts are extremely important for the social, emotional and cognitive development of a child. In fact, many lonely kids become lonely adults. To find a solution, we collaborated with a primary school in Utrecht for our pilot project. The pupils gave us great insights: 1. They often don’t know what to play. 2. They would like a database of their games. 3. They would like a meeting point. 4. The school would like to encourage kids to make new friends 5. It should be something that stimulates the imagination 6. It should be created in a universal language

Everyone plays along
With these insights Posterscope created the UNO ‘Let’s play along’ playground for primary schools to fight loneliness among children and to raise awareness for this underexposed problem. It helps connect lonely children in the schoolyard with other children so that they no longer have to play alone again. The UNO playset is a life-size pawn, placed in half a circle. Children can turn the N knob during playtime, after which a game appears that children can play together. Every child who stands within the half-circle participates in the game being played. The children have been instructed by the school that no one can be excluded who is in the circle. That way, children don’t have to ask to play along, making it easier to all play together. The launch of UNO was a huge success for the kids, but also the start of UNO’s brand awareness campaign. We used the footage of the launch to create social videos and (d)ooh posters for social media and out of home to raise awareness for this underexposed problem and reach a large audience with this social brand message.


  • With a total budget of 55.000 euro we realized a total online and offline reach of 24.4 million and more than 100 applications from schools for their own UNO Playground created by a multimedia campaign. Thanks to online csr news platform Bright Vibes, the collaboration of out of home media owners Ocean Outdoor, CSDigital Media, Centercom and Exterion Media, a PR campaign and a paid social media campaign of Iprospect.

Non paid social media - Total reach of 1.988.059 - 773.811 3-sec video views - 726.407 unique 3-sec video views - 83.046 post engagement Paid social media Total Reach: 334.000 Total impressions 889.000 Total engagement 4.500 (Digital) Out of Home Media 16,8 million people Online and offline editorial reach Total Reach: 4.082.000 UNO Playset applications 100+ If these results weren’t great enough, we also received over one hundred applications from schools for their own UNO Playground. So, the story of UNO continues until no child has to play alone again.

Esther ter Braake: Brandmanager UNO / Mattel: “It was a great project that I enjoyed working on very much. It is the best campaign that I developed for Mattel, with the highest total brand reach. It has done a lot for UNO as a social brand and especially for the underexposed problem of lonely children. It is great to see that we can really help children in the schoolyard with the UNO ‘Play along’ playset that we have developed together with children and at the same time communicate the brand promise of UNO: connecting children."