Sending potential customers to dead landing pages is a horror scenario, and equates to money down the drain for businesses and agencies alike. Social platforms do not provide automated quality checks and do not stop ads with unavailable landing pages. Manual daily checks on every landing page can be challenging, especially on big accounts, leading to the quality of our services becoming comprised.

iMonitor ensures paid social advertisements maintain the highest quality, and automatically verifies clients' websites availability. It increases trust in our services and provides transparency in our work.

Issues going unnoticed

On average, we used to spend 1 hour a day checking the landing pages per account to make sure that we were directing users to working links. If there were issues with URLs within a campaign, there was a chance that these would run for the whole day or even weekend unnoticed.

To combat this, we  created a proprietary tool called iMonitor. It checks the landing pages within Facebook and Instagram for paid advertisements of our clients via the Facebook Marketing API. Depending on the settings per client, the tool notifies consultants as soon as it detects an issue with a link and can either automatically pause or allow users to manually pause advertisements with the broken URL. Monitoring frequency can be scheduled per client account, which gives consultants more control of the Facebook and Instagram paid advertisements quality.

The tool has an innovative dashboard where users can manage client monitoring settings and resume advertisements after issues with a client website or specific links are resolved.

Transparency impacts the level of trust

With iMonitor, we save our and clients’ time that we can instead invest in more important tasks and collaborations. We increase employee satisfaction due to the reduced manual monitoring and supply possibilities for a longer client tech lock-in. Additionally, the tool mitigates the risk of spending our clients’ media budget on broken landing pages and ensures that the budget is being spent efficiently and meaningfully. Transparency in our work has a positive impact on the level of trust of our clients in our business values.


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