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young people are more aware about thinking about safe sex


 of young people that were reached, consider using a condom now


prefer Durex


Up to now, Durex has mainly used regular TV campaigns supplemented with social and search. Centrally developed materials were used worldwide, but the message did not sufficiently match the interests of the target group. Durex wants to connect with young people through locally developed content and convince them of the importance of safe sex in order to stimulate condom use. Only, safe sex is not a sexy topic. So how do you convey that message and make Durex relevant to the target group? A good challenge for The Story Lab.


To find connection, you first have to speak the language of the target group. 75% of youngsters between 16 and 35 use fruit symbols online to discuss sex related topics. This fact led us to the #ProtectYourBanana concept. The banana is a relevant metaphor in both form and vulnerability. For example, the brown spots on a banana symbolize the STDs that young people can incur in unsafe sex. 
Based on #ProtectYourBanana, a three phased campaign has been created. The first phase involved awareness for the hashtag #ProtectYourBanana. We asked three relevant influencers (Nina Warink, Bokoesam and Kaj Gorgels) to post a picture of themselves with a banana on Instagram, without Durex branding. 
The second phase involved a festival activation. At the popular Solar festival, Kaj Gorgel was guest presenter in an episode of Festilab, a festival format on music video platform XITE. Kaj challenged festival visitors to participate in various challenges, including beer fetching and crowdsurfing with a banana in their hand. The assignment: protect your banana! The video content produced, was integrated into an episode of Festilab. And a 60-second version with only the Durex content was distributed via YouTube and Durex's own channels. Both videos were claimed by Durex via a billboard. This gave the opportunity to really cover the hashtag #ProtectYourBanana. 
To spread the message wider, The Story Lab developed a striking commercial for the final phase and in line with the campaign. It was a time-lapse video with the message: "Not all STDs are visible. But unfortunately transferable. "This video was frequently shown on both YouTube and XITE.


Kaj Gorgel's post was picked up by RTL Boulevard. More than half a million viewers were confronted with the kick-off of our campaign. Of all young people exposed to the campaign, 27% are more aware thinking about safe sex. This is 10% among young people who have not been confronted with the campaign. They are also more aware of the importance of condoms. 26% for young people who were exposed and 6% for young people who have not been reached. More importantly, 26% of young people that were reached, consider using a condom now and 94% prefer Durex. Among the unreached young people, consideration and preference were considerably lower with 8% and 83%. 


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