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Omnichannal Revenue

The Challange

Maxbo, a leading Norwegian DIY retailer, challenged Carat and iProspect Norway to work out a digital strategy to maximize omnichannel efficiency on in-store driven products and specific campaigns through paid search; whilst also dealing with reduced and challenging budgets.

At the same time despite focusing from online to offline, it is also important to further grow online sales and revenue.

Maxbo challenged Carat and iProspect with a set of KPIs on a fixed total omnichannel ROAS during the first 7 months in 2019 on paid search through Search Ads 360.

The Strategy

In order to provide a solution for this challenge, Carat, iProspect and Google came up with a strategy to create multiple custom-made omnichannel bid strategies in Search Ads 360.

The aim was to target and reach the omnichannel ROAS KPI goal during the first 7 months of 2019 by focusing on campaigns that are more likely to convert in-store rather than online; such as for example “lumber”.

Maxbo didn’t previously measure on omnichannel revenue or ROAS. Both metrics had to be created in order to create a custom bid strategy. Additionally, in order to make this possible, Maxbo had to define the average store visit value.

After defining along with Maxbo the average store visit value, Carat and iProspect with the help of Google set up two custom metrics in Search Ads 360:

1. Omnichannel Revenue
2. Omnichannel ROAS

Carat and iProspect then created and applied multiple custom-made bid strategies with different omnichannel ROAS targets on the selected product campaigns.

This setup allowed us to automatically optimize towards omnichannel ROAS targets and drive more users into physical Maxbo stores in Norway.


  • The custom omnichannel bid strategies improved store visits by 31% and omnichannel revenue by 15% on the selected product campaigns whilst ultimately increase omnichannel ROAS by 45%.
  • Furthermore, the strategy also influenced the total account performance by improving omnichannel ROAS by 79% whilst dealing with a 33% cost reduction.
  • Maxbo is looking to expand the omnichannel strategy across more campaigns to further improve efficiency.
  • By focusing on omnichannel strategies, online efficiency didn’t get affected: online revenue improved by 14% and online ROAS by 70%.
  • Maxbo is currently outperforming their KPI target by 47%.

Performance Awards: Offline Performance, Bronse

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