Launch media carbon data into CCS Planner.

Historically we’ve said that the real value to clients will come when we are able to give them choices at the planning stage. The next evolution of our media carbon transparency for brands, announced in November 2022, is our brand-new carbon optimisation and planning functionality - we are bringing our decarbonisation roadmap to fruition.

From early 2023, we will take our media decarbonisation initiatives to the next level, when we will integrate carbon emissions data directly into our proprietary CCS Planner* system, the planning system used by all dentsu teams around the world.

This will ensure, for the first time ever, brands can set clear carbon targets for campaigns and model alternative scenarios for optimal impact, reach and carbon levels, giving our clients an understanding of the carbon impact of one media plan versus another before they commit their media spend. 

Thanks to our early investment in media decarbonisation and calculating carbon emissions at channel and format levels for clients, we have been able to add media carbon data as an additional variable into our CCS suite of tools at an impression level.

This allows our teams across the globe to model the carbon impact of media campaign scenarios alongside typical measures such as reach, consideration and purchase intent for a full channel mix.

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*CCS Planner CCS Planner is a media planning tool, fundamental to the designing and delivering of effective integrated media campaigns. It evaluates the optimal mix of channels, phasing and budget to best deliver a brand’s communication objectives. CCS Planner will aid in scenario planning, supporting investment optimisation against specific objectives, KPI’s, target audience and categories.