Launched DIMPACT prototype calculator.
Developed dentsu's cross-channel Media Carbon Calculator.


Dentsu announces integration of carbon data.

In January 2021, we successfully completed the first phase of our journey and published the prototype DIMPACT calculator.  

We then augmented our research with DIMPACT with in-house development to create dentsu's digital Media Carbon Calculator (MCC1.0) for our clients. The MCC1.0 quantifies the emissions associated with all aspects of digital media placement, transfer and distribution. It also allows clients to understand the scale of the emissions and encourages them to minimise these emissions with our technology partners. Our digital Media Carbon Calculator (MCC1.0) and methodology have been shared with the DIMPACT members to accelerate innovation. 

For media placement and distribution, digital media was initially our focus as it accounts for a large portion of our clients’ ad spend (55.5% of our ad spend in 2022), and this is only expected to grow (dentsu Global Ad Spend Forecasts).   

In parallel, we expanded our scope and collaborated with carbon consultants to develop dentsu’s cross-channel Media Carbon Calculator (MCC2.0). The MCC2.0 is now available for clients in France and the UK to calculate the end-to-end emissions associated with TV, digital, cinema, print and display media.

Today, dentsu media carbon calculators are in use by Carat, iProspect and dentsu X agency teams with both local and global brands and generate the insights needed to accelerate media decarbonisation.

At dentsu this is our priority – we will continue to collaborate with our media partners to refine our approach, improve data and innovate to identify opportunities for scale decarbonisation.

Decarbonising creative production   

In 2021, dentsu became founding members of the UK’s AdGreen initiative, which brings together the advertising industry to eliminate the environmental impacts of creative production.

AdGreen has developed a carbon calculator for companies to assess the carbon footprint of production activities in the advertising industry. In the UK, our teams are already looking to embed this into their creative production process, and we plan to expand this globally as the tool develops.

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