Last updated: 25/11/2021

Welcome to Dentsu International's Global sub-processor repository page, where we maintain a current list of the main sub-processors authorised to process personal data on behalf of Dentsu International. Due to the breadth of services that Dentsu International​ offers, and that the exact nature of the services may necessitate a specific combination of products and features, each sub-processor has been grouped into a broad taxonomy. Dentsu International performs due diligence on the information security practices and data protection compliance of each sub-processor listed, and has, or is in the process of, entering into appropriate GDPR data protection terms.

You can view the Global Sub-Processor list below. Please note that additional suppliers may be used by local markets. 

Related Dentsu International Services Taxonomy

Related Dentsu International Services ​​CategoryDescription
Programmatic ServicesServices where Dentsu International is involved in the planning, execution, reporting, and optimisation of programmatic campaigns for a client. 
General Digital ServicesServices where Dentsu International is involved in the planning, execution, reporting, optimisation, and operations of digital campaigns for a client. 
Web & Application Development ServicesServices where Dentsu International may build online applications, tools, or web pages on behalf of a client. This typically excludes development done by creative agencies.
​Analytics / Cross-Party Reporting ServicesServices where Dentsu International may use its own systems, or those of third party platforms, to bring together disparate datasets from multiple sources/channels and gain insights on behalf of a client. 
​Technology Service Providers​These companies provide services involved in Dentsu International​​'s business operations - for example, cloud storage, or billing/booking systems.

Global Sub-Processor list

Sub-processorRelated Dentsu International Service(s)
Google, Inc. (Search)Programmatic Services; Digital Buying Services
Google, Inc. (DoubleClick)Programmatic Services
Google, Inc.Digital Buying Services; Analytics / Cross-Party Reporting Services
MediaMath LLCProgrammatic Services
Adform A/SProgrammatic Services
AmazonProgrammatic Services
The Trade Desk, Inc.Programmatic Services
Appnexus, Inc.Programmatic Services
Adobe Systems, Inc.Programmatic Services; Analytics / Cross-Party Reporting Services; Technology Service Providers
AvocetProgrammatic Services
Facebook, Inc.Programmatic Services
Amobee, Inc.Programmatic Services
Oath, Inc. (Brightroll)Programmatic Services
MiQProgrammatic Services
QuantcastProgrammatic Services
Psycle InteractiveWeb Design Services
Apple, Inc.Programmatic Services; Digital Buying Services
Sizmek, Inc.Programmatic Services
Marin Software IncorporatedDigital Buying Services; Analytics / Cross-Party Reporting Services
Mediaocean Systems LimitedTechnology Service Providers
Tata Consultancy Services LtdTechnology Service Providers
Level 3 Communications UK LimitedTechnology Service Providers
Endava (UK) Limited)Technology Service Providers
Microsoft Ireland Operations LimitedTechnology Service Providers