ALERT: Scamming operation ongoing in Romania & Bulgaria

Published on:

We, in dentsu, have been notified of scamming operations in WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger using the name of 'dentsu One'. This is a global scam, that is not limited only to Romania and Bulgaria. 

As far as we have seen, the scam is about monetizing social media sites and refers also to that dentsu One is an operation of dentsu Group. This is not true. 

On 10th of March, we were made aware the scam regarded to Romania, in English and in Romanian language, and the phone numbers attached started with country code +31, which is Netherlands. On 28th of March we learned same / similar scam is going on in Bulgaria, this time using country code +49 which is Germany. 

This is a scam, do not open any links or communicate at all with the senders. Report the sender and after it block the sender. 

We are working with dentsu Cyber Ops team and officials to shut this phishing operation down. 

Please note, that dentsu never approaches anyone via social media channels in this manner, and no dentsu website addresses end with .cc ending, nor we never ask anyone any money.