Indian shoppers are unlike shoppers anywhere else in the world. They're wildly different in terms of their approach, but the bottom line remains the same – they ALWAYS want the best price. And to get the best price, most Indians resort to a skill that's been passed down for generations – Bargaining. 

But over the last decade, shopping in India has moved away from the streets, and onto the internet. And while shopping online was convenient, the unadulterated joy of haggling for your price was lost. 


Flipkart, an Indian e-tail giant, recognized this gap, and saw an opportunity to bring the bargaining experience to their consumers. Presenting Hagglebot - the first-ever experience on Google Assistant that allowed customers to set the offer prices on their flagship sale – The Big Billion Days. 

All a user had to do was open up the Google Assistant app on their phone and say 'Talk to Flipkart'. Once they were in, they could choose a product of the day and try to convince Assistant to give them the lowest possible price by engaging in a fun haggle. If they managed to set the lowest price on a product, then that's the price India would pay for it during the Big Billion Days. 


Hagglebot was launched just before the year's biggest sale – The Big Billion Days, and in just 5 days of being live, we received over 75 days' worth of bargaining footage. 

Flipkart's GMV through products offered on Hagglebot – over 1.23Mn US Dollars. 

The average user spends 2-3 seconds interacting with Google Assistant, but Hagglebot saw an average engagement time of 6 minutes and 5 seconds, making it the MOST engaging Google Assistant experience yet, worldwide.