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YOY CR increased in TW,KR, MY, and SG


CPL decreased in TW,KR, MY, and SG


ADLINK is the second-largest IPC industrial computer manufacturer in Taiwan, providing IoT strategic solutions and technologies, network and communications, and embedded platform solutions.

  • The B2B industry used to rely more on exhibitions in various regions to reach potential customers. Due to the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic, exhibitions could not be held, and only digital advertising could be used.
  • It is currently the second-largest IPC manufacturer in Taiwan, but the brand awareness in some markets is limited, and digital advertising is needed to expand the awareness.
  • Due to the customer's business needs and business goals, it is not possible to shift budgets between each market and each product completely in accordance with the recommendations of the advertising end.


The client is asking to keep driving the leads but with less budget, thus the iProspect team had defined the below approaches to meet the goal.

  • Added micro-conversion target evaluation: It is recommended that customers adjust the website's existing target settings such as adjustment/addition of time on-site duration and assign different conversion values accordingly.
  • Combined GA, Google Trends, Similarweb, SEM historical data, to help customers and internal businesses adjust the product portfolio of each market in 2021 and explore potential opportunities.
  • Increase the watch list signal: segment the list according to the conversion goals and micro-conversion goals, add the target customer comparison list, and provide the Google Ads signal so that the system can try to find similar people who can become potential customers.


In 2021, paid search will bring a total of 106 potential customers to the IST product line. Compared with last year, the overall CR increased by 214% and the CPL decreased by 67% across TW, KR, MY, and SG markets.