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Nutrilite has established itself as a high-quality nutritional supplement with the feature of "Full Traceability". Over the years, interpreting the source of materials has always been an important task of advertising, but it's too reasonable to attract attention. We found that Taiwan has the second-highest weekly player number in the Asia-Pacific countries, people easily SKIP advertising but are willing to try out various new mobile games in the time slot.


We decided to drop the preaching and create a short and fun mobile game directly. 
Try it once and can experience the whole "Nine Steps" traceability journey smoothly.

Build a WEB experience game based on the mobile APP game standard. With 3D domino journey design and exquisite texture production, it simulates the seeds, plants, and insects of real American farms, and achieves excellent mobile game experience.

And, the effect of rolling gravity to keep the natural simulation dynamic of seed falling. We also use of gyroscopes and touch technology to create fun interactive levels that are easy to get started.


Nearly 300,000 people participated in the online competition two weeks after the game was launched.

Up to 1/5 of the players keep coming back.

Utilize the nature of playing in people’s minds successfully and experience the intention behind Nutrilite in a fun way!