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The social exposure rate exceeded the predetermined


Carrefour members practiced the NFT draw


The exchange rate of NFT compared to similar activities in Taiwan


Challenge: the younger generation think the Pudu custom is not their thing.

Ghost Month is the major sales season for retailers in Taiwan due to the need for people purchasing offerings for Putu custom. However, the custom seems only matter to the elder generation but not the generation under aged 40 who gradually take over the task of purchase offerings. Their indifference to Pudu custom decline the sales in Ghost Month.

Insight: NFT and Metaverse, the hottest trend for the young generation.

In 2021, the NFT market had grown by 21350%. 86% of Gen Z and 81% of millennials are into the metaverse. With the formation of web3, more statistics has shown that people under the age of 40 are keen on NFT, and 71% of Gen Z yearn to enter the metaverse. Although the consumers under the age of 40  have no connection to the Pudu customs, they are very enthusiastic about the Web3!


Flipping Pudu × the Web3 Topics: Carrefour metacosmize the customs to engage the young generation.

In the 2022 Ghost Month, we minted together the Pudu customs and the Web3 that TA yearns for! Using Metaverse and NFTs, the two major traffic boosters, Carrefour created Web3 Ghost Festival: Carrefour Metapudu, the brand-exclusive cyber experience.

Carrefour Metapudu: Do Pudu in the metaverse, NFT as offerings!

Use NFT as an incentive to attract young increase consumption frequency to obtain NFT. To combine the tradition and web3, the Carrefour Metapudu NFT were minted with the theme of the essential offerings for Pudu.  Furthermore, a metacosmized Pudu  scenario was built on the website where users entered a draw for NFT and experienced doing traditional Pudu in metaverse by putting offerings NFT on the alter and burning virtual incense and joss paper in Ghost Month.


Carrefour Metapudu NFT went viral in Ghost Month
Carrefour, the first retailer to mint NFTs in Taiwan, hit the headline on social media. The Carrefour Metapudu NFT boosted the increase of the sales and the number members in Ghost Month and made into the Top 10 traded NFT on OurSong for 2 weeks.

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