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Countryside comes from prejudice is what our biggest challenge. To keep Taiwan from being biased, we must think about how to “turn around the prejudice" and make the public willing to "hands-on" participation because of their emotional resonance.


Photos is the easiest and the direct way to tell the story. We invited well-known photographers to take pictures of people and everything that glow on the local by visiting 66 towns. And then describe them with touching words. On daily platforms such as mobile phones and tablets, consumers are invited to use a simple and commonly used "flip" gesture to turn our local stereotypes into a heart-pounding beautiful touch. One action, turn around the prejudice, let these beautiful views in the place. At the same time, consumers and employees from 12 offices of Fubon were invited to extend their reach, brainstorm ideas and increase interaction through units such as "Local π I’m here" and "Fubon's local π". Let’s break down prejudice together and no more rural areas in this island. 


Compared with the same period of the previous year, the number of website visitors increased by 92%, the proportion of participation increased by 533%, and the number of effective interactions increased by 984%. (The number of people entering the event site exceeded 340,000, and the number of people reached exceeded 350,000). The participation and forwarding of the brand's regional offices surpassed other activities (the average number of interactions per FB post of the local blue-chip unit is about 15,000, and the total number of interactions exceeded 220,000). More and more Taiwanese consumers not only be willing to share the beauty of Taiwan what brand sees, but also share the beauty of their own place. Because of these sharing, we not only saw the beauty of the place, but also opened our hearts.