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How to attract Taiwanese while they rarely pay attention to events like this? We decided to get started with the topic that people care about every day, “What’s for LUNCH?”.


We combined the unpopular art topic with the hot topic "Lunch", turning the promotional materials of the art festival into realistic meal boxes and offering them via vending machines in the office building. It looks just the same as a normal meal box; however, the contents are practical goods that you can use during the art festival! Turning the delicious Taiwanese classic” lunch box” into an unprecedented way of promotion! The realistic appearance made people think it is a new-flavored meal box, but each meal is actually made up of an art festival guide map and related goods! The meal box successfully attracted people’s attention to purchase! We even offered it via the vending machine in the business building which people buy their lunches from every day, making the vending machine the best promotion booth for the art festival.


After the meal box went on sale, customers who bought it proactively shared it on social media, which created buzz and got great media coverage. We created a media exposure value of more than 7 million New Taiwan Dollars without spending any media budget and attract 3 times visitors for the art festival.