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KFC Taiwan introduced the crispiest fried chicken in history. This flavor was covered with crispy chicken crumbs that scattered everywhere with each bite and resulted in a series of unfortunate “crumb disasters”.


ITo resolve the problems caused by falling crumbs, KFC presented the world’s first “KFC Fried Chicken Bib”! Consumers know that the crumbs will drop inside the bib, so they can truly enjoy their fried chicken any time, any place!


After the event was launched, to get hold of this complimentary Fried Chicken Bib, consumers were buying buckets of fried chicken, and sales increased 11% (year to year). The bibs were sold out in 2 weeks and successfully altered the consumers’ attitude towards this crispy fried chicken product.

On the social media, the average reach rate is 14.18%, and many people have commented and shared the experience of using the fried chicken bibs, which reinforces the concept of “KFC = crispy fried chicken” among consumers, increasing brand recognition and social awareness.

KFC Fried Chicken Bib solves the issues consumers have with falling crumbs, thus changing the eating habits and perception towards fried chicken.

2022 4A Creative Awards Misc. category/  C1. Best Outdoor Creative Award Shortlisted

2022 4A Creative Awards Design category/ E3. Best Promotional Items Creativities Award Silver

2022 One Asia Creative Awards Direct Marketing – Experiential Shortlisted

2022 Times Advertising Awards Visual Design category / Creative Goods Shortlisted

2022 Effie Greater China Awards DTC (Direct to Consumer) – Food, Snacks & Desserts Gold

2022 Excellence Agency & Advertiser of the Year Excellent Design of the Year - Visual Design Bronze 2022 Excellence Agency & Advertiser of the Year Excellent Design of the Year - Innovative User Experience Bronze