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views achieved for All New SENTRA pre-launch music video


orders received within the first month of pre-sale in 2020


sales increase compared to same period of last year (2019)


best-selling car ranked in local sedan segment within the first month of launch in 2020


Attract and Retain Consumer Interest During Fierce Competition

COVID-19 lockdowns led to hyped local tourism and hence increased consumer demand in buying new cars, along with soon to be closed government subsidy on retiring old household cars and already fierce C-Seg car market competition, NISSAN Taiwan faces difficulties in not only attracting consumer’s awareness but also retaining their interest for them to hold their compulsion and wait till the ALL NEW NISSAN SENTRA’s release in 2 months.


Create Social Buzz and Advance Involvement of Sales Representatives

Before NISSAN Taiwan can officially announce ALL NEW SENTRA’s complete spec and car viewing, we combined the car’s unique selling points with trending social topics and produced multiple marketing materials. We also loop in dealerships and sales representatives in advance so that they are able contact prospective customers first.


With in-depth research and observations to find trending topics, we generated series of social posts playing with trending topics, while adapted a popular Taiwan hip-hop song that embeds the car’s USPs to draw in public’s attention within a short period of time.


Refined dealership sales’ roles and saw them as individualized we media platforms that we can utilize, we involved and co-created with NISSAN’s dealership sales throughout the campaign, even in the music video’s making. In the end, we not only looped in the sales channels in advance, but also utilized them as media channels to directly interact with potential customers.


After mapping out media resources we have on hand, we utilized different media platforms to deliver different contents/messages to different target audiences – Existing NISSAN owners; Young generation and C-segment potential customers.


Successfully hyped-up consumer interest and reached remarkable sales performance

With integrated efforts between NISSAN Taiwan, various media, dealership sales and multiple other resources, the music video we produced  received nearly 4 million views and reached up to 5.5 million people in total. The outstanding omnichannel marketing communication assisted NISSAN Taiwan to exceed pre-sale target by 1.5 times, led to be ranked as the 2nd best-selling car in the first month of official release in 2020, and ultimately reached a sales number that is 708% higher than same period last year(2019).

The success of the campaign is recognized and received a Silver Award in “Best Sales Conversion of the Year” and a Bronze Award in “Best Advertisement Performance of the Year” in the 2021 Brain Magazine Award.