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Amplify the spirit of "We Are Family“

Since the pandemic, many brands have launched similar emotional videos with identical messages. How can CTBC breakthrough to reinforce its brand spirit and encourage every Taiwanese to aww of each other as family so that we can protect our home?


Leverage actual historical moments to create resonance

Re-enacting true historical events in Taiwan in the 50s, illustrating moments of frustration and despair for the country and its people, yet reminding everyone that Taiwan did not break but became stronger because everyone united as one. With the mutiprong approach that activated media, news outlets, PR, Taiwanese KOL, and even foreign KOL, the video was widely discussed, and a renewed sense of home and family was felt.


Hailed as 2020’s most touching advert in Taiwan

In 3 short weeks, the film reached more than 12 million views, across 23 countries/regions, and was rewarded with tremendous free media coverage.