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“Hot Taiwan Way” related video material reach overall views


Got over interactive messages and sharing from consumers in the first week of launch.


  • Pizza Hut “Hot Taiwan Way” series keep launching localize products. Successfully mixed the western food and Taiwanese flavor. Demonstrated a localization persistence of an international fast-food brand. After we created several social buzzes and  decent sales performance, proves that “Hot Taiwan Way” is a successful and correct direction to bring fun to the customers.
  • In addition to continuously developing Taiwanese flavors in products, Pizza Hut will upgrade this innovative energy as a brand attitude and spirits in different aspects in 2022. With the  campaign, we have expanded the “Hot Taiwan Way” spirit into popular culture, hoping to attract the attention of young consumers, and making them become our key group of potential consumers.


  • “Local culture" and "music" are the best elements to create the resonance of Taiwanese young generation. Pizza Hut holds the support of Taiwanese outstanding local creators. Cooperate with local popular rappers and famous director, producing the "Hot Taiwan Way“ brand song.
  • To avoid competing on price and made the brand outstanding. Pizza Hut shared their brand attitude and beliefs in a cool way also built a deeper connection with Taiwanese consumers by using localization assets. With the power of Taiwan-flavored products and the innovative spirits, Pizza Hut successfully created new social trends and descent sales performance in 2022.


  • Elevated the brand image from artisanal pizzerias to a cool Taiwanese cultural artist. “Hot Taiwanese Way” series successfully become a brand equity, bringing the continually innovative impression to consumers.
  • Social listening : Positive / Negative ratio reached 9.8