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In Taiwan, the media has entered an era of fragmentation: marketing resources are divided; the cost of sending and receiving messages is increasing; advertising in traditional media has decreased. From 2015 to 2019, the conventional media advertising volume decreased by more than billions (NTD). In addition, consumers receive massive amounts of information every day. Brands need to be effectively promoted in a new environment and with limited costs. So, they must deliver more accurate ads. A breakthrough advertisement was born for this moment.


We have observed that there are 5 million runners in Taiwan, making it the country with the highest runner population density. In Taiwan, street running has become a trend, and most runners will pass through crowded areas with a controllable range of movement. If advertisements appear on these runners, it will be the best mobile media space to achieve the purpose of actively approaching consumers with advertisements. So, we would like to let 5 million runners become the advertising media allowing advertisements actively reach TA!

Combined with Taiwan's mature cloud technology, Big Data and AIO, you can instantly learn environmental data by Running AdWear and  receive push messages while turning on Bluetooth, then judging the runner's environment (such as weather, region, population structure, etc.) from big data, and matching consumers' media labels with the most appropriate advertisements, making the content more accurate and eye-catching, so as to achieve the effect of advertising itself reaching the crowd. It creates the first future advertising delivery model by using big data to integrate the synergy of mobile placement, ad targeting and accurate delivery.

We can immediately know the location and environment of the target consumers and push out ads that the target audiences are interested in, realize the content automation technology and complete the real-time and efficient calculation, and make the advertisements change with the target object at any location. It integrates different channels from data analysis to reduce costs, improve efficiency and deliver effective and real-time information to brands and consumers.


After the video was released, more than 80% of the advertisers and advertising agency practitioners expressed high interest in the post-test by Focus Group; some manufacturers even called directly after seeing the video, expressing their willingness to invest, and the effectiveness of the communication even reached 89% satisfaction.