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People were not visiting the showrooms

Taiwan Centers for Disease Control announced Level-3 Alert. This prevented people from going outside and directly affected Volvo our automotive client, as people were not visiting the showrooms. How can we talk about the function clean zone safe air during COVID? And how can we motivate sales consultants at their job?


Create branded content that targets topics and artists which match Volvo TAs’ interest

Families spent more time watching TV and consuming digital content due to the stay-at-home policy, which provide us with the perfect timing. We invite famous artists who won Golden Bell Award in Taiwan, the strong casting of these two branded contents is a big part of the strategy. It is not easy for brands to start a new IP series show, so we decided to partner with "U Mother baker" (a well-known TV drama in Taiwan) and created the script for "How Cute is my Volvo". " Volvo GO" continues to air directly after first two episodes, having James Wen to share more in details from Volvo’s salesman perspective. We also partner up with a famous director who is very experienced in movie directing field, with him directing our show, the series became a hit immediately.


Increased showroom traffic- 135.5% for XC90, 133.5% for XC40 during the campaign

Organically our content generated 580,000 views on YouTube with over 50 media reports, equivalent to TWD 3.63 million PR value (approx. USD 130,000). From a business perspective, the tailor made branded entertainment content increased showroom traffic- 135.5% for XC90, 133.5% for XC40 during the campaign. VOLVO Taiwan the client is highly satisfied with the first ever branded entertainment creation in such as large a scale, thus initiated to sponsor "U-Mother baker" the cinema version 2022! In sum 4 episodes in total, 2 episodes per series. The content works for both the TA and Volvo sales consultants, not only car functions are clearly told, the show became a selling bible for salesman.