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“One dollar get one free” is Watson’s most crucial annual promotion. How to keep messages from being drowned in this political noise, and to leverage with the sound. Break through all kinds of interference and achieve better brand promotion effect?


We decided to leverage the volume of the election by introducing our elected representative—Qu City’s Councilman Jia. The pronunciation of his name sounds exactly like ”one more dollar” in Mandarin. Councilman Jia, he thinks hard about how to make “Qu City” a better place and fights for citizens’ benefits. By using homophonic between Councilman Jia and one more dollar, we create higher impression to our audience. (Councilman Jia=one more dollar)  The promotion starts humorously with a series of political activities.


Even though it coincides with the elections, the event still successfully raises attentions. Social media response enthusiastically, achieve an unprecedented result. 

Reach 95K、Total Engagement 3.7%、Internet Search Rate +440%、Line Members+215K、Advertising Impression +50%、Brand Interest +34%、Double performance