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Increase in impression of Yahoo 


Recognize Yahoo TV as an industry leader in virtual production technology 


Willingness to recommend Yahoo immersive solution 


Probability of using Yahoo’s immersive solution in marketing campaigns in the next six months


Promote Yahoo TV's "Virtual Production" with Campaign thinking that triggers talkability, and encourages brands to use it.


​​Challenging the limitations of Yahoo TV's "Virtual Production," we invite marketers to participate Metaverse Co-Creation Lab to witness the power of immersive experience. We successfully completed 3 brand presentation within 8 hours- totally live and without any post-production. 


Actual case study of Yahoo’s customer that had an actual increase in business opportunities

-MACALLAN:The entire marketing department of the customer participated in the virtual production, and Yahoo assisted the customer in completing their annual presentation (including virtual production). The customer has submitted the presentation to APAC for review, and it will be implemented after confirmation.

2022 Click Awards Application category / Technology Application Award Merit

2022 Click Awards Application category / Immersive Experience Application Award  Gold

2022 Digital Sigularity Awards Film Category - Best Use of Technology Film Creativity Award Shortlisted

2022 Digital Sigularity Awards Digital Technology Category - Best Experience Technology Application Award Bronze

2022 Digital Sigularity Awards Digital Technology Category - Best Digital Technology Application Aw Silver

2022 Digital Sigularity Awards Innovation Category - Best Technological Innovation Award Silver

2022 The Drum Awards for B2B Best B2B Metaverse Activation Award