Dentsu announces AI Playground LATAM with 100 ai tools to drive brands’ business transformation

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Sao Paulo, July 26th, 2023 - Dentsu announces today the launch of AI Playground across Latin America, a set of customized solutions that uses emerging technologies in combined and integrated ways with audience data to bring more efficiency and operational agility in the day-to-day of companies, saving time and money in marketing and sales budgets. Built on dentsu’s enterprise-grade Azure OpenAI architecture, and within the safety of a private development environment, AI Playground comprises more than 100 AI technologies that, combined with each other and with dentsu's existing proprietary solutions, can generate more than 400 optimized processes.

"AI Playground is designed to develop the best business solution for brands. Our goal is to democratize all emerging technology and use it to establish and consolidate personalized and co-created processes between us at dentsu throughout Latin America with the client teams, providing real operational profitability. In other words, invest better to keep the business more sustainable," comments Juan Camilo Suarez, CEO dentsu CXM LATAM.

AI Playground integrates martech, media and creative solutions using hundreds of AI tools, managed through the proprietary I.A. Nawel® platform and Navegg a dentsu company, leader in data intelligence and online audience in Latin America. All solutions, as well as the processes generated, are validated by the legal team, and based on the General Data Protection Laws of each country. Playground can be used by companies from different categories and markets, regardless of the media or creative agency they use.

AI Playground adapts to the needs, structures, processes, and technologies of each organization: "Every day we are faced with the emergence of new technologies, yet we are not sure which ones we can use or how they can help us. In this reality that brings an extra complexity to the already existing complexity of marketing capabilities in organizations, AI Playground understands the need for a framework that allows us to advance in specific and particular use cases of each organization, to build its own evolution path in this new technology," explains Cristian Figoli, Chief Product Officer of dentsu LATAM.

“AI Playground LATAM is definitely one of the fundamental initiatives of our group in LATAM, we have invested heavily and will continue to do so because it is fully aligned with the "client-centricity" approach that is the fundamental focus of dentsu. AI Playground LATAM is efficiency in its natural state and has the potential to generate concrete benefits and impacts on clients' business transformation and performance”, adds Juan Pedro Mc Cormack, CEO of dentsu LATAM.

Led by Juan Camilo Suarez, CEO of dentsu CXM LATAM and Cristian Figoli, Chief Product Officer dentsu LATAM, Playground has regional reach throughout Latin America through its 30 content curators in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico. For more information, visit: or contact

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