Agency: dentsu Jayme Syfu
Market: Philippines

Mutual support is important to build female solidarity and empowerment in the workplace. Our Philippines agency, dentsu Jayme Syfu, runs its annual #Sistergood programme with one main purpose – to inspire and support women into leadership roles.

For 2020, the campaign celebrated ‘the GIFts of #Sistergood’, identifying how women could support and celebrate each other. All women in the agency created animated GIFs that they could use to share encouragement, acknowledgement of success and thanks with other women. Using Facebook, Instagram and Viber, the GIFts featured empowering messages and connected women instantly over chat.

As dentsu Jayme Syfu’s Chairmom, Merlee Jayme, explains, “Tools like Viber and Messenger have been crucial to our everyday communications in the office, from discussing work to agency announcements. Now, seeing these GIFs subliminally brings focus to women’s empowerment in every post.”

More than that, we were able to show people online what support for and between women looks like. Our #Sistergood GIFts were viewed 56.4 million times on GIPHY.