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Dentsu health has been working with the client to enhance the Rx impact measurement solution in order to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of marketing to professionals. From a diagnostic and descriptive analysis approach, the solution evolved into a robust advanced analytics omnichannel measurement framework that was proactive and prescriptive in nature. ​

The client showed interest in a nimbler measurement solution that provided a continuous read on the ecosystem performance enabling real time customer, channel and tactic optimizations.


Dentsu health teams quickly began designing and implementing an automated MTA delivery process​, building optimization infrastructure directly into the cloud​ and incorporating data collection and modeling into the enterprise solution.

The teams also leveraged machine learning algorithms to easily scale up tactic coverage and enabled frequent optimizations with clear impact reporting through online dashboards. 


The solution allowed the brand to succeed by moving from twice per year to real time ecosystem performance measurement capability, enabling quick course corrections as needed, which is especially important in the post-COVID era due to the rapidly changing marcom environment. The implementation of the solution also created the potential to refresh reporting views on a biweekly basis - ​all with virtually no data lag. Views are refreshed as soon as an additional cut of data becomes available ​and a full array of analysis subcomponents including sequencing, triggers, suggestions and Non-Personal Promotion (NPP) deep dives are available with each refresh versus once a year. ​

The company now operates with an automated cloud-based reporting solution through platforms like Tableau, as well as low effort and low cost-to-scale tactic coverage that can quickly expand the analysis to new brands and indications​. By gaining the ability to have a timely longitudinal read on ecosystem performance, this pharmaceutical company can monitor the impact driven by optimizations in real time.

dentsu health

Dentsu health is transforming the healthcare agency services model through a global teaming platform of 2,000+ health experts and supporting teams of over 60,000 industry leading functional professionals. Across our global agency brands, specialist agencies and open ecosystem of external partners, we specialize in health, wellness and pharmaceutical marketing.  

Dentsu health unites leadership in data and technology with a deep understanding of the emotional territory of healthcare. We equip brands to connect with the right audience at the right moment, but always with ideas that speak to the heart.