Agency: dentsumcgarrybowen Thailand
Market: Thailand | Client: Women and Men Progressive Movement Foundation (WMP)

Progressive Movement Foundation (WMP) Domestic abuse is often a hidden problem, particularly when witnesses don’t want to get involved. We helped WMP highlight this issue.

From the statistics of the World Health Organization (WHO), one third of women worldwide are abused and harassed by their families. In Thailand, on average, five children and women are abused per day. Most witnesses of this abuse choose to ignore it, rather than help.

We came up with the idea of “The Daily Fight”. In a real boxing ring, we set up a scene showing a man and a woman fighting. The unexpected scene shocked the audience

When the truth behind the stunt was revealed, the audience were informed that fights like this happen in real life at home.

We launched the video on International Women’s Day, to raise awareness and get the public to act when they see domestic violence. It attracted 164,600 views on the WMP Facebook page, generating wider social discussion of the issue.