Monday 17 June

Time: 15:15 - 15:45
Location: Lumiere Theatre @ The Palais

The Paralympics Impact on Our Creativity and Humanity

How would we define the future of creativity, or the future of humanity?

Our world is full of differences - race, nationality, sexuality, religion, ability etc. There has been much creative work that sent strong messages to overcome these differences. Still, the world is filled with division and in recent years we have become more divided.

So, standing where we are today, what should we agencies do to create a better world and a better future? There’s some clue we can find in the Paralympics. Together with the International Paralympic Committee and Paralympic Gold Medalist, we will unravel the potential impact of the Paralympics which has caused social change in each Game, and the future we pursue with our creativity.

Ellie Cole:
Paralympic Swimmer and Gold Medalist
Craig Spence: Chief Marketing and Communications Officer International Paralympic Committee
Momoko Nakai (Moderator): Producer Dentsu Inc.

Wednesday 19 June

Time: 10:00 - 11:30
Location: Makers Lab, Palais II
The Effectiveness Partnership Ltd

Effectiveness UnCanned! Stories about Effective Brand Experience. Session One

Dentsu’s Michael Chadwick will discuss the qualities brands’ need to thrive in the new economy. The way consumers experience brands has substantially changed , so the way we build brands must change too!

What’s really powering brands enjoying unreasonable growth. WPP’s Alain Groenendaal discusses the latest thinking on redefining ROI in a Multi Stakeholder, Brand Experience driven world. Society expects brands to stand for something, consumers want to feel coherent experiences across every interaction.

Clare Hutchinson from HAVAS talks about how Ella’s Kitchen became market leader in seven years by focussing on making the brand more useful. With an investment of only £345,000.00, their campaign recruited 40% of all new parents in the UK and grew revenue by £14.6m.

Michael Chadwick:
Chief Strategy Officer Asia Pacific, Dentsu
Alain Groenendaal: President Global Accounts, Grey
Clare Hutchinson: Chief Strategy Officer Havas UK, Havas

Thursday 20 June

Time: 12:45 - 13:15

Location: Interactive stage @ The Palais


Finding Creativity in Voice

Voice is the latest technology trend to hit the marketing scene, with adoption rates climbing at a dizzying pace. Conversation is the oldest form of storytelling, yet skepticism remains around just how creative brands can be on this conversational medium. Join Abbey Klaassen, NY President of 360i – the agency that literally wrote the playbook on voice – for a session that dives into creative possibilities for voice technology. From creating utility for underserved populations, to developing immersive audio worlds for users, this session will include best practices and learnings from the agency that’s created award-winning skills like HBO’s “Westworld: The Maze.”

Questions this session will answer:

How can brands be truly creative using voice technology?

How can I identify the right opportunity on voice for my brand?

Why is now the time to start thinking about my voice strategy?


Abbey Klaassen: President, NY 360i

Friday 21 June

Time: 11:45 - 12:15

Location: Interactive Stage @ Palais II


Artists Block - Using Blockchain as a Creative Medium

There is much discussion about how blockchain can help solve issues of transparency and fraud. But what about its ability to enhance creativity? Why have creatives struggled to embrace its potential to stimulate, provoke, engage and reward?

From HODL memes to respiratory mining to decipher art to crypto kitties: creative experiences can be inspired by, delivered onto, and created through the blockchain.

Isobar CXO Simon Gill, has spent 20 years at the forefront of digital marketing, and sees Blockchain as the most important thing since the web.

Join this interactive session to hear insights derived from inspirational artistic work, and his own experiments. Learn how to make a blockchain artwork that will live forever and generate a unique crypto collectable.

Questions this session will answer:

Why is blockchain relevant to creatives?

Simon Gill:
Chief Experience Officer, EMEA, Isobar