1st for Women (FFW) is a challenger insurance brand specifically designed for women. Our aim was to position FFW as a leader in the fight against abuse of women during the global 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence campaign.

In a country where gender-based violence is widespread, desensitised and almost normalised, our challenge was to mobilise a nation to notice, rethink and pledge to fight against it.


For 16 nights we projected personal tributes, written in light, onto some of the darkest places in South Africa – the actual locations of femicides, turning #16DaysOfActivism into #16DaysOfLight.

Each day, we released a new film that gave numbers a face, a place, a real human story – brought to life, one by one, in a harrowingly poetic way that was impossible to ignore. Viewers were directed to where they could pledge their support against gender-based violence, or ask for help if they needed it.