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Total Commerce goes beyond digital business transformation, and instead recognizes that commerce has no beginning and no end from the real to the digital world. Thanks to technology, consumers no longer "go shopping" but are rather "always shopping." Brands need solutions from acquisition all the way to post-purchase loyalty, and everything in between in order to be successful in this new world.

Tapping into the capabilities of our award-winning agencies – Carat, DEG, Isobar, iProspect, Merkle and dentsumcgarrybowen – we provide media, brand creative and eCommerce experience, to strategy and analysis, customer relationship management and fulfillment.

With 3,500 people in 85 world-wide markets across six continents no other company has the scope and breadth of dentsu commerce. Brands of all sizes must have ability to fight and win in the new digital world of Total Commerce and dentsu commerce is the partner to make that happen.

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Integrated solutions

Consumer Product Goods DTC

Consumer Product Goods (CPGs) are in a world where they are being squeezed from all sides. Tried and true distribution partners are now becoming competitors, manufactures are jumping channels to go...

Dentsu Tracking

Brands need to know where their products are at any given time in any part of the transaction, from manufacturing to distribution, to end sales to customers. The power to track a single item from c...

Accelerated Commerce

Now is the time for brands and retailers to offer digital solutions to customers in their time of need. Our accelerated commerce solutions provide brands with online selling capabilities in a matte...

Symphony Product Merchandising

Speed to market is critical in the digital era, but corners cannot be cut to accomplish that as customers’ expectations are high. The old adage of “good, fast, or cheap; pick two” is gone, now cons...

Amazon Marketplace Consulting

Amazon is the modern store. Brands are faced with a do or die when it comes to having an Amazon strategy. Amazon’s Marketplace boasts the most customers in the space, but the company’s goals and br...

Merkury Retail Solution

Consumer privacy and the death of the third-party cookie are changing the rules for digital and cross-channel marketing. Going forward, both marketers and publishers will begin with their first-par...

Loyalty & Customer Lifetime Value Optimization

A loyal consumer is a brand’s greatest asset. Loyalty must be earned, first through a great product or service, and then through emotional bonding and personalized experiences.  

dentsu commerce team

Vikalp Tandon

Global President, dentsu commerce

Jon Reily

SVP, Global Chief Strategy Officer, dentsu commerce

Steven Daraio

Chief Growth Officer, dentsu commerce

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