blind people signed up to take part


non-blind people signed up to escort them


In Brazil a law guarantees free access to football games for blind people and a companion.

But there wasn’t a way to bring these people together.


NBS created an online platform to connect blind people with companions which was designed to be totally accessible to the visually impaired and used native APIs from each device.

With their data, NBS matched people who live close to each other and set them up for the next game, bringing blind people into the stadiums, onto the field and into the news.


More than 700 blind people signed up last year.

Over 8,000 non-blind people joined to escort them.


NBS comes from "No Bullshit". But it’s more than just a fun name, it’s a philosophy of life for us: to just focus our energy just on what’s important and not on what’s superfluous. And, for us, what’s really important is simple: building strong brands that create deep relationships with people. It’s these deep relationships that bring value, reputation and financial returns to brands.

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