business plans which are now being executed by the Good Samaritan Inn


in funding for the return to work initiative for women


Since Australia’s first Royal Commission into Family Violence in 2015, there’s been a rigorous focus on examining the system from the ground up, with a huge effort to transform Victoria’s response to family violence. Isobar worked with the Good Samaritan Inn to create solutions leading to a better experience for women and children, during their incredibly difficult time in crisis accommodation. 

Through co-design, Isobar ensured those staying at the Inn, staff, board members and sector experts were involved in coming up with ideas, research and prioritisation. 


Isobar uncovered that women feel an overwhelming sense of safety and comfort at the Inn. This was specifically related to the families feeling connected through a shared living model. Isobar validated challenges with the physical space, and the navigation of multiple services faced by families through the family violence system.


Isobar generated over 150 ideas and developed 90 concepts, and 30 business plans which are now being executed by the Inn. They now have a strategic roadmap that has been prioritised holistically to the impact on the experience of women and children in need.