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SDG3 target 3.9: By 2030, substantially reduce the number of deaths and illnesses from hazardous chemicals and air, water and soil pollution and contamination.


million people reached

Where: Russia  

The challenge: 

Air pollution, both ambient and household, increases the risk of cardiovascular and respiratory disease. Russian city dwellers needed more education on the need for better air quality within the home - something they don’t generally consider a serious problem. Philips wanted to help educate the populace about the dangers of low quality air inside apartments and the ways it can be addressed via air treatment product technology.  

The execution:  

We used personalised social media posts and real-time air quality data to execute the unique Clean Air For Healthy Living campaign that raised awareness about the issue among families living in the most polluted regions of Russia. 

The digital campaign on Facebook used live personalised video creative based on ‘Breezeometer’ data to provide real-time air quality updates. Philips selected 51 cities with serious air pollution for the campaign and integrated this Breezometer data into its Facebook ads account.  

Video ads were shown on Facebook and Instagram only to users at a defined air polluted zone at the moment when air quality reached ‘below average’ or ‘low’ quality mark. The ads were personalised with the name of the city and actual air quality index and this was updated daily. 

The results: 

Taking a smart approach to integrating social media and real-time data meant we managed to encourage a wide audience to recognise issues around indoor air quality. 

The campaign raised awareness of the air pollution situation among 5 million people in the targeted Russian cities – ultimately aiming to help reduce the number of deaths and illnesses as a result. Philips grew awareness about the whole Air Treatment sector and how relevant products can help people, while also increasing sales of its own lines by over 600% in three quarters in polluted regions.  

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