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SDG3 target 3.9: By 2030, substantially reduce the number of deaths and illnesses from hazardous chemicals and air, water and soil pollution and contamination.

Where: Brazil 

The challenge:

In Brazil 44% of children have respiratory problems, with pneumonia a particular concern. Respiratory diseases are responsible for 22.3% of all deaths among 1- to 4-year-olds, ranking as the leading cause of death for this age group in the country. The most common treatment is inhalation therapy, but this is often a distressing process for many children. Children’s hospital Clin Kids wanted to find an enjoyable way to make this therapy more bearable for kids and lessen their anxiety through creative storytelling. 

The execution:

We combined digital devices with old-fashioned cute animal appeal for our solution. The inhalation stories kit is made up of a fun character box, an animal mask and a pair of headphones.  

The animal masks are made from light flexible material that fits easily over the nebulizer masks needed for treatment. While the child is undergoing treatment, the accompanying adult can choose a story for them to listen to on  

The stories last just as long as the prescribed treatment time and the animal characters need to breathe deeply at certain points in the story, so the listening child receives cues to take big gulps of air, making treatment more effective. 

The results:

Our idea turned what can be a gruelling experience for a child and their parents or carer  into a fun session that kids can look forward to attending. Clin Kids was able to reduce waiting times for inhalation therapy by 50% while bringing peace of mind to parents, doctors and nurses. We estimate about 7,000 children have used this equipment so far, lessening their anxiety about the experience and helping make their treatment more effective. 

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