In a world obsessed with less, NUT-rition believes there’s power in more. But as a new-to-market nut mix brand, it needed to find a unique way to break through and introduce itself to the world. 

As it’s a brand that believes in helping women demand more in snacks and in life, we looked at one of the biggest areas where they are forced to settle for less – their pay packet. Nearly six in ten women in the United States identified equal pay as one of the most important issues facing women in the workplace. 

The challenge was to find a genuine and credible role for a nut brand in the gender inequality conversation. The answer: showing the disparity in the pay gap with an actual product. It created a smaller bag for Him and 20% bigger bag for Her, and sold them for the same price, so men could see how it feels to get less. Then, to give women real, tangible resources, it partnered with Equal Rights Advocates (ERA), a national civil rights organisation dedicated to protecting and expanding economic and educational access and opportunities for women and girls. 


Ahead of National Equal Pay Day, we documented the reactions of men who believed they were treated unfairly. On Equal Pay Day, we launched a programme, showing the world what it did, announcing the partnership with ERA and driving conversation about the issue. We enlisted the help of celebrity and known advocate, Laura Dern, as the Executive Producer who also pushed out content and did media interviews. Turns out, everyone wasn’t on board: only 61% of men believe in the wage gap.

We doubled down, pledging an additional donation for every comment against the campaign – turning trolls into a tool for good. To further the impact, NUT-rition partnered with Walmart to release The Equal Pay Pack, with proceeds funding an ERA legal helpline for those experiencing pay discrepancy.