Dentsu shortlisted for 2 nominations at the European Search Awards 2022

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The European Search Awards reward and celebrate the very best companies and people working in PPC, SEO, and Content Marketing across a variety of business sectors, in a shifting digital landscape which inspires innovation, creativity and connectivity. (source:

April 2022, dentsu Benelux has been shortlisted for two European Search Awards in the category ‘Best use of search – Travel/Leisure (PPC): Large’ and ‘Best use of search - FMCG: Large’.

dentsu Benelux & Transavia – Scalable and tailor-made price extensions

Transavia works hard on setting the right price. Therefore it was a must to incorporate and benefit from these price settings in our paid search activities in more than just text ads. By fully automating the price extensions and tailoring them to the intent of the search, we could influence the decision-making process and have been able to ensure that we can always show the most relevant and lowest price to the consumer in a scalable way. The fact that price is an important part of the decision-making process is reflected in the conversion rate, the average order value and the value per click. On average, when a price extension is shown the conversion rate is 28% higher compared to the average conversion rate. The average order value increased by 5% and the value per click increased a whopping 35%. 

dentsu Benelux & Albert Heijn – Scalable and automated sitelink extensions

Albert Heijn is the biggest supermarket chain in the Netherlands who provides good food to more than 6 million people every week. Not only do they focus on making better food accessible for everyone, but they also have a large online recipe platform. Our challenge was to create synergy between both platforms (selling product and providing recipes) and keep people within “the world of Albert Heijn”. To stay ahead of the competition, we used automation to create the most relevant ads with automated sitelinks. Whenever someone is looking for a recipe, the ad now has sitelinks about the products used within that recipe. This way grocery shopping gets even more convenient. By using our automation tool iActivate in a smart way, we were able to add very specific sitelinks to the account in a scalable way. This has resulted in an increase of more than 45% in e-commerce orders and more than 53% in store visits.