The Cookieless Era: Conversions API

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The digital advertising world is moving away from cookies. Soon enough, you’ll no longer have access to the wealth of data you need for ad targeting because most browsers will block all third-party cookies. In a rapidly changing ads ecosystem steering towards user privacy, how do you stay relevant as a marketeer and stay ahead of competition? How can you still reach customers and deliver personalized ad experiences without cookies? In this session, we invite you to discover a new solution that will help overcome this challenge and keep control over your data in the Cookieless Era. We will describe the advantages of CAPI, implementation possibilities, and an actual case showing the impact of this integration.

Join our host Reynder Bruyns (Strategy Director at dentsu). Together with Jan Roos (Agency Partner at Meta), Connie Quintanilla Arana (Social Media Director at dentsu), Jill Laise (Strategic Data Consultant at dentsu), Robert Kruijt (Online Marketing Manager at T-Mobile), Felix Meissner (Product Marketing Manager at Meta) and Anouk Kramer (Social Advertising Consultant at dentsu) the Cookieless Era webinar took place on Wednesday April 6 at 10:00h to learn more about this topic. 

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