How to put consumers first in a first party world

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How to put consumers first in a first party world

We are officially entering a new era of digital marketing. Privacy initiatives such as GDPR, CCPA, Safari's ITP, Microsoft's MTP, and Google's recent announcement about the depreciation of the 3rd party cookie by 2022 have made it apparent that the way we do marketing needs to change. Consumers expect more from brands than ever before: more trust, more transparency, but also more meaningful connections with the brands themselves.

But how should marketers approach topics such as personalization, 1st party data collection, and privacy as we enter this new world where 3rd party cookies can no longer service advertisers the way they used to?

In this webinar, Reynder Bruyns (Head of Strategy, iProspect), Jill Laise (Sr. Data Consultant, Dentsu) and Adrian Cutler (Microsoft) will unpack what the demise of the 3rd party cookie means for brands and how we should move forward in this new world.

Watch the full webinar here.

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