Shared value through social purpose: the compass that guides our work

Society is facing some of its greatest challenges. Climate change, biodiversity loss and extreme inequality are causing exponential disruption. Citizens are demanding change. And businesses are under pressure to respond. 

As a global leader in media and digital communications, we understand the power we have to influence how people think, feel and act. We also recognise the role we play in driving consumption. That's why we're embedding sustainable behaviours and human-centric thinking into our strategy and planning processes – to develop work that is more reflective of the needs of society today. 

We have the responsibility, opportunity and privilege to help guide our people, clients and society through this disruption. We will fuse data, technology and creativity in a way that helps create a brighter, more sustainable future for everyone.

Dentsu calls itself a Business to Business to Society company. Our vision is to be at the forefront of people-centred transformation and to shape it every day. Even if it does not have an immediate impact. Our global strategy has three pillars; a fair and open society, a sustainable world and using Digital for Good.

woman looking in VR glasses

Being a force for good

A fair and open society

We contribute to a fair and open society by getting involved in helping Ukrainian refugees, for example. We are also a long-term partner of Fonds Gehandicaptensport. We advise them and collect media lots of considerable value for their annual auction. Finally, we partner with JINC, Great Players and PlusPlusOne, all of which aim to achieve a more diverse and inclusive society.

A sustainable world

We contribute to a sustainable world through our Net-Zero strategy, where embedding a professional Social Impact role leads to internal awareness around sustainable themes such as carbon emissions, biodiversity and circularity. One of the first concrete steps made in 2022 for end customers, is the use of our carbon emissions reporting tool. With this, we proactively start a dialogue around CO₂ emissions from campaigns, the sustainability of data storage and the energy consumption of media.

Digital for Good

Digital for Good materialises in our digital privacy training to increase knowledge and awareness around the use of digital assets. For this, we work with partners such as DDMA and Google.

Change starts at home

For the planet

We’ve transitioned to being a low-carbon business with 100% renewable energy.

For our communities

We’re helping our people share their time and talent with society.

For our people

We’re creating a diverse and inclusive workforce intent on making a difference.

Dentsu is committed to three global programmes for social impact

The Code

We're opening the doors of our industry to the next generation of diverse talent. The Code teaches young people the skills they need to thrive in the digital economy.

Female Foundry

Our mentorship programme for the female leaders of tomorrow is empowering women in business and driving economic growth around the world. 

Common Ground

We're using the power of media and advertising to help drive delivery of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. We are founding members of #BrandsforGood, which aims to make sustainable lifestyles aspirational and rewarding.

Our environment strategy

We're aiming to reduce our carbon footprint by 40% per full-time employee by the end of 2030. And we have set a Science-Based Target to reduce our emissions even further by 2030. 

We've committed to purchasing 100% of our electricity from renewable sources by 2020, which we have now achieved.

Our aim is to reduce our business travel by 25% per full-time employee by the end of the end of 2030. And we're working with clients to find ways to further reduce our impact together.