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Impressions to target audience by utilizing Audience Manager


increase in website traffic


reach of target list within six weeks due to audience segmentation  


ViiV is focused on building customer experiences for healthcare professionals and patients. With the amount of digital noise that physicians hear every day, the client needed a comprehensive and impactful solution which could target a smaller audience, providing the client with crucial information about its pharmaceutical therapies. The team wanted to identify those key moments of truth in which physicians face challenges.


Using Adobe Campaign and Adobe Audience Manager, ViiV and Merkle created an innovative experience by enhancing customer journey maps using digital engagements to determine audiences and then focused on key customer moments of truth. The segmentation allowed for a customized journey across email, websites, and ad campaigns delivering the right content, at the right time. 

By collecting data across the channels, the team could customize messaging and content to identify the physician’s key challenges they were facing in that moment. Once physicians became aware of the new medicines, ViiV needed to provide compelling content to assist physicians with identifying appropriate patients. Each part of the customer journey was based on ViiV providing physicians with exactly the right data they needed at the right time. Within six weeks, the team was able to reach over 60% of the target audience providing physicians with essential information.


Leveraging the Adobe Experience Cloud allowed ViiV to reach physicians and provide them with an improved journey-based experience that engaged physicians and led to improved response rates.

In partnering with Merkle, ViiV gained the deep expertise in configuring and integrating the Adobe Experience Cloud along with the strategic insights needed to leverage the tools to achieve the desired business outcomes; To engage a targeted list of physicians and deliver the right message, to the right customer, at the right time.


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