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As a brand that prides itself on stubborn optimism, Coca-Cola wanted to break through the negative clutter by reminding the world of the light in us, even in these dark times. This needed to be a sincere message that has nothing to do with sales or brand recognition - instead, its sole purpose was to bring hope, and reasons to believe in humanity.


At Coca-Cola, priorities shifted. Most markets halted all advertising and redeployed funds to support local community relief programs and promote public health messaging.

But there was more we could do. It was clear that people needed a break from the endless negativity, and Coca-Cola as a brand was uniquely positioned to spread the message of optimism.

We decided to shine light on the many unsung heroes who have stepped up for humanity during the pandemic - real stories from across the globe, with people from all walks of life each going above and beyond for mankind. The strategy was clear: by celebrating resilience and positivity, we let the light of humanity outshine the fog of doom and gloom.

For The Human Race” celebrates resilience and stubborn optimism by showcasing true stories of real people bringing hope to humanity during the COVID-19 crisis.


With zero media investment, Coca-Cola made organic waves across the globe with their message of hope. The campaign received coverage on traditional media, trade media, digital media, PR articles and more. It was also featured on reputable news portals and publications worldwide, such as the New York Times (US), Philstar (PH), Resumé (SWE), and Financial Express (IND). Major TV stations also volunteered to air our global film for free across Asia Pacific.

The results proved that optimism was more contagious than any contagion:

  • Global film: 419 million reach, 167 million views
  • Mini stories of unsung heroes: 53 million reach, 26 million views
  • 85%+ positive sentiment
  • Collective media and PR value: approximately 3.7 million USD
“Every day, we are inspired and uplifted by countless acts of selflessness, kindness and courage from people around the world. Through this short global film, we wanted to recognize and pay tribute to positivity, togetherness and the generosity of the human spirit.”
Pratik Thakar, Coca-Cola Integrated Marketing Communication Director