increase in foot traffic


increase in brand perception


Gamers are part of a passionate community who fully engage, participate and support influencers digitally and financially. Gaming is the perfect companion to snacking, giving gamers time and energy to put their attention toward the games and streamers who entertain them. Brands are flocking to this space, so we needed to find a way to break through when competitors had already accessed and flooded the gaming ecosystem.


We partnered with Dr. Lupo, a leading gaming influencer with two sponsored streams. The first stream was promoted on a highly viewable homepage placement on Twitch and amplified on Twitter, significantly increasing the viewers that joined while naturally promoting Subway and the product. To support less well-known streamers and help fuel their subscriptions, Subway dropped “Sub bombs" to give free subscriptions to viewers. Paid ads promoted Subway, as we leveraged high visibility attention grabbing moments including home page and video takeovers.