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Apipet is a start-up company that has developed a unique supplement for dogs and cats for their better health. As a digital only eShop and a start-up, the investments in marketing are under tight scrutiny, which means every kuna spent needs to bring much more in return. 

As we were not on Pet Shops or Veterinary offices and needed to prove to potential customers that we had a right medicine for a different kind of diseases (immunity, skin, allergy, cancer, gastritis etc.), we decided to utilize in full the real customer reviews we had received. First, we set up our consumer funnel by pet type (dog or cat or both), by disease type and consumer funnel phase they were in. 

After deep analysis, we decided to focus on 4 channels: Social, Google ads, Email and Organic search.  


On Social media, YouTube and Google Display we used raving customer reviews as video ads to raise awareness. Each review was linked to a product and was targeted at the right audience with the help of dynamic 360 remarketing. In Search with iProspect's OneSearch tool, we managed to avoid any cannibalization of paid search & organic search. We knew exactly what we needed to pay for to win big advertisers, and we invested a lot of effort in owned content (blog) with more than 30 unique SEO optimized articles to win on Google. 

On Paid search we created more than 120 ad groups with more than 800 ads to find the best ROI. We also automated email marketing to save time and hit in the right phases of the consumer journey. 

We found out that people just loved Apipet and saw the product helping their pets, so people started sending us their reviews and videos of their pets. In Social Media, YouTube and Google Ads we created and optimized more than 1.200 pictures, videos, animations, copies to gain the best results. The real customers were our best influencers and the use of real people's reviews gave us the credibility we needed. 


Compared to 2019, we achieved 65% growth in new users with amazing 52% increase in conversion rate and with 154% more transaction than in 2019. Our approach to Search, smart tactics on how not to cannibalize organic and paid searches, brought us an amazing 764 % revenue increase from organic search. 

Overall, in less than a year, we were able to bring up revenue by 148%. The results were so convincing, the client decided to bring happiness and health to dog owners across the world and started an international expansion after the results ensured them to do so. 

Thanks to Pru, the dog who inspired the the whole product line, tens of thousands of pets are already better, and in a few years, millions.