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Unique solution


ING wanted a more novel approach to advertising their latest product: a credit card with which customers can make purchases in installments without paying interest. Customers can use the card with numerous partners, each of which offers different installment conditions. The advertising platform would need to identify which partner a customer would be most interested in, and display the varying installment conditions.

Campaign required: 

  • 10 audience segments
  • 40 ING partners
  • 20 commercial offers


To execute the task, media partner RTB House team maintained constant communication with the client to identify ING’s unique needs and prepare a tailored solution.

The list of ING’s partners varied from sector to sector–including electronics, home & garden, life sciences, and many more. An algorithm based on Deep Learning technology was developed which allowed us to personalize creatives by taking user interests into consideration. The use of this technology allowed for campaign optimization, at no extra cost to the client, while saving many hours of many work for the agency.

The creatives included Dynamic Video Ads and In-banner Videos with each partner’s logo and the relevant installment conditions.


The Deep Learning algorithm solution bought real results.

The campaign exceeded the KPIs set by the client, reaching 79.14% viewability of video ads and 76.64% viewability of in-banner videos (against benchmarks of 69.4% and 62.3%, respectively). The Video Completion Rate (VCR) of our awareness ads reached an outstanding 80.52%.

A click-through rate (CTR) for each partner in relation to user interests was measured, and provided data on ContextAI categories, allowing the partners to identify the best content for future communications for ING Bank.