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More sales YOY with the same budget


People's behavior has changed: even in holidays it is increasingly important to be online all the time and share you vacation to your social media accounts. 

Tele2 saw an opportunity here to sell more data packages to tourists, specially the ones coming from non-EU countries, the ones who don't have the luxury of having the EU's mandatory data traffic also in holiday.


We studied the target group in depth, and were quite certain that we would be able to cover the nessesary touchpoints in digital channels. We mapped the exact places where the majority of tourist will cross the border, and in which form of transport. 

The strategy was to geofence 500 locations across Croatia where we knew majority of the tourists were and boost our offers there.


All marketing actions and creatives were designed for mobile and the communication if the ads was leading to the nearest place they could buy a data package, being it a gas station, kiosk or a Tele2 store.

We had different language options for search, social and programmatic.

We also targeted specific groups like sailors, nature sightseers and festival guests with different messages.