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Wolt, with only 1/20th share of the two bigger competitors (Glovo & Pauza) budgets, had to find ways to outsmart the competition when launching in Croatia in 2019.

We saw competition overspend on media, like doing national TV for a local launch, and started to look at every media though its effectiveness to drive new users.


Due to new users being so important for us to see the growth of Wolt, we had coupons to give a discount of their first order. 

Coupon codes were distributed in majority of the media used in the campaign. We followed the code usage, and optimized media according to which generated the most new users. We chose all media to be inside the delivery area.


Creatives in all media were optimized in real time according to their their performance.

The true hero of the campaign was the optimization of the creatives per time & place it was shown. In (D)OOH, we chose carefully to show the most ordered food group of neighborhood and in the times, people were hungry: breakfast, lunch and dinner times.